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TDH Organize Spring Outing

Spring is a beautiful season filled vitality, in order to enrich employees’ amateur cultural life, Create a healthy and harmonious collective atmosphere, TDH organize employee travel around the Yuntai Mountian and  Longmen Grottoes located in Henan province at the last weekend of April.

All of employees were talking, laughing, sharing food and stories like a family along the road, as arrived at the Yuntai Mountian, everyone encouraged each other to climb up to the peak of the mountain, and was intoxicated with the splendors of the natural scenery. Longmen Grottoes are a treasure house of ancient Buddhist cave art recognized as world cultural heritage by UN heritage commission, everybody is shocked by the exquisite masterpiece of our ancestors.

 As Chinese proverb goes ‘Better to travel ten thousand miles than read ten thousand Books”, it is a pleasant and significant experience for all the participants.

Company News

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