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[PUBLIC WELFARE TRIP IN 2020] Stray Dogs EnjoyOur

[PUBLIC WELFARE TRIP IN 2020] Stray Dogs EnjoyOur Pet Snacks!

At 10:00 a.m. on April 20, it isearly spring season with warm flowers and bright sunshine. Under the call of Huangdao District Civil Affairs Bureau and Zhuhai Street Office of Qingdao city to care for stray animals, TiandiHuis' staffs loaded 14 boxes of pet snacks prepared for dogsfrom Pude factory and drove to the Happy Home Stray Dog Rescue Center 21 kilometers away. Tiandi- hui Pet Foods Company Donation Happy Home Stray Dog Public Welfare Activities are also launched here.

Picture 1  Group Photo Of Public Welfare Activities

Picture 2 Group Photo Of Public Welfare Activities

"Laifu, pengpeng, Dahei......" Xue Xue, a director of Happy Home Stray Animals Public Welfare Service Center, introduced the stray dogs here while feeding donated food to these homeless dogs. "Every dog here has its own stories," Xue Xue said, picking up an East German dog. "It's just not for the dog factory. At that time, it was starving to death, because it can't swallow by itself. It took a month to feed it with a needle tube and now it's bigger than before."

Picture 3  The Staffs Of The Rescue Center Feeds The Stray Dogs TiandiHui with Cooked Chicken Breast

Picture 4  Stray Dogs In The Rescue Center

Picture 5  Dogs That Enjoys Delicious Food

It is understood that some of these stray dogs suffer from various diseases, some are abandoned due to injuries, and some cannot swallow food when they came to the rescue center. Xue Xue said: "At present, there are more and more dogs here. We are a bit powerless. Dogs rely on staple food only and protein supplement is not enough. So thanks for the snacks donated by TiandiHui to make these dogs better nutritious. I hope these" baby "will have a good place to live."

Picture 6  Snacks Carried By TiandiHuiGroup Staffs

Picture7  Happy Home Stray Dog Rescue Center

Zhang Jichang, chairman of Tiandihui Trade Union Committee, he said that Tiandihui Pet Foods Company actively responded to the public welfare activities organized by Huangdao District Civil Affairs Bureau and Zhuhai sub district office. Our company specializes in pet snacks.

Today, we have prepared snacks for the stray dogs at happy home. They are cooked, clean teeth and more nutritious. They are suitable for different kinds of stray animals of different ages. We also hope to contribute to a harmonious society through such love activities. Qingdao Tiandihui Pet Foods Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "Gathering the wisdom of the worldand creating a harmonious life", and create more high-quality food for pets to meet their growth needs.

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