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Life Is More Wonderful Because Of Setbacks

         There is wind and rain on the road of life, there are thorns everywhere. Only when we fight and fight can we have flowers and applause waiting for us. A Celebrity has said that frustration is a bottomless abyss for the incompetent, but a stepping stone for those who dare to face setbacks.

When our company experienced the rapid growth of raw material prices and the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia at the end of 2019, which led to the failure of normal production in our factory. I suddenly feel that our destiny is closely related to the development of the company. The steady and healthy development of the company is very important for each of us and even each family. After returning to work one after another in the later period, I would like to thank the company leaders for giving me the opportunity to continue to work, so that I can continue to share the same fate with the company. After the COVID-19epidemic in 2020, I am more aware that today's opportunity is hard won, and I will work diligently in this ordinary job in the future to make my due contribution to the company's future development.

Thanks for the setbacks, making our life more wonderful, thanks for the company's trust in me, giving me the chance to choose again.Looking forward to 2020, a new starting point, a new journey, the opportunities contain wonderful, the development is full of confidence, the clarion call urges people to forge ahead, and wishes our company to thrive!

Wan Zhifang

Company News

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