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Unexpected Spring

The cold winter has passed and the warm spring has arrived. The spring of 2020 is coming quietly in an innovative way, not blocked by the existence of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia. Spring is a season full of hope; spring is a season full of vitality; spring is a beautiful and warm season. Many things have traces of spring. In fact, it is not difficult to find spring. As long as you carefully experience it, you will surely find spring. Because spring is around us, in the heart of every family……

However, Qingdao Tiandihui Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. - our home! At the end of 2019, we had the same misfortune as the patients with Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, we struggled, we were depressed, but we are going to come out finally. The road of home management is just like spring, where can there be no wind and rain, and where can there be no vicissitudes? What we need is the spirit of fearless wind and rain, brave face, in the difficult time, hard innovation will get unexpectedresults. What's more, the drizzle will moisten the family and the breeze will heal the wound!

Obstacles and failures are the most reliable stepping stones to success. As long as we are willing to study and use them, we can cultivate success from failure. Failure is the mother of success. Although we have experienced the unfortunate "virus" torture, we are more grateful that we can unite, develop and innovate, and have the confidence and courage to overcome all difficulties!

If we do not cultivate or sow, no matter how fertile the soil is, no crops will grow; if we do not strive or create, no matter how beautiful our youth is, no beautiful youth can bear fruit. I believe that with the joint efforts and innovation of the whole family, we will create a more brilliant tomorrow with our hard work! I believe our home will be more stable and perfect!

Han Yingying

Company News

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