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Opening And Resumption Of Production Right Now

The Spring Breeze Sprinkling With Rain And Dew, Into The Spring Of Tiandi

——Opening And Resumption Of Production At The Right Time

"I changed a white shirt when I went out today. I didn't expect that everyone was wearing white shirts, which shows that we are a family. Zhuhai Office will continue to provide support for Tiandihui as before."Lu Jun, director of Zhuhai office, said at the Opening Ceremony.

On May 18, 2020, with the warm spring breeze, we finally ushered in the Resumption Of Production Ceremony of Qingdao Tiandihui Foodstuffs Co., Ltd., the Opening Ceremony of Qingdao Tiandihui Food Sales Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Tiandihui Pet Foods Co., Ltd. In the winter of 2019, Tiandihui encountered the cold winter of the industry. Lu Jun, director of Zhuhai office, Liu Shuqian, director of Huangdao agricultural and rural Bureau, and Han Xiwen, director of Huangdao investment center attended the ceremony, visited the factory together and put forward guiding opinions for the orderly resumption of work.

"After experiencing the turbulence in the four seasons of 2019 and the impact of the epidemic in 2020, Tiandihui is now embarking on a new journey. How can we see the rainbow without experiencing the wind and rain? When the wind and rain are over, will the day to greet the rainbow be far behind?" At the beginning of the Opening Ceremony, Su peixiao, general manager of the company delivered a speech. Mr. Su first thanked Zhuhai office, District Investment Promotion Bureau, district agriculture and rural Bureau and municipal government enterprises that had provided support and assistance to the enterprise for half a year, for the trust and persistence of colleagues, and for the understanding and support of new and old customers.

During the 2019 epidemic, director Liu Shuqian of the district agricultural and rural bureau often called the company to care about the development of the enterprise. At the ceremony, Director Liu said: "No matter from personal feelings or working relations, we have an indissoluble fate with Tiandihui. We established a close relationship with Tiandihui more than ten years ago and have been doing some service work for Tiandihui. It's a great honor." On behalf of the agricultural and rural Bureau, director Liu expressed his opinions and put forward three expectations: first, to serve the construction of the enterprise well after the resumption of production according to the responsibilities of the Department; second, to actively coordinate various problems encountered in the production process of the enterprise, whether it is the unit or the individual who should make the pursuit concept clear; third, to bless the heaven and earth to meet the dark clouds, and to come to the sun, and to achieve a good result with everyone's efforts Results.

President Su pointed out that "We will have a long way to go in the future, and many difficulties will be encountered. Overcoming the difficulties depends on the hard work, unity and cooperation of all our employees and the support of all sectors of the society. In the later stage, we will start from the basic management within the company, so as to make all the management of the company move towards standardization, scientization, efficiency and result orientation, and set up and guide the positive energy of the enterprise Strive to build our company into a cost industry and even a management benchmarking enterprise in the West Coast new area. After the resumption of production, we should be down-to-earth, realize orderly expansion, create more employment opportunities, not only increase our own income, but also take on social responsibility. "

At the end of the ceremony, the leaders, accompanied by the staff of Tiandihui production department, were fully armed and visited the factory's resumption of work. As Han Xiwen, director of the district's investment center, said, yesterday was still full of dark clouds and thunder. Today is sunny, and May 18 is bound to be a good day. We have reason to believe that through the concerted efforts of all of you, we will surely make Tiandihui brilliant. We are looking forward to a better future for Tiandihui.

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